Friends, Family, Neighbors & the Like:

Please join us in raising a bit of "cheer" for Karen and Rob as they embark on TWO incredibly exciting adventures / key milestones in life... RETIREMENT and RELOCATING TO SARASOTA full time for la pura vida!

Given the tight timeline on the move, its proving difficult to get together in person to celebrate. Therefore Ryan and I hope you will give a little to show your love and support for them. Any donation you can put forward would be appreciated, no matter how large or small. You can donate by clicking on the REGISTRY LINK TO THE LEFT. We will put the funds towards a lovely gift for their new home.

We also ask that you each of you email us a short video wishing them well. (Or if you are unable to make a donation and a video, a video alone would be great and much appreciated.) You can shoot the video on your iphones, or whatever is convenient. Feel free to be as serious, silly, or theatrical as you like!!! We'll edit all of the videos together into one giant video which will surely blow them away. You can send to me at: (please send by May 25th!) 

Finally, I highly encourage all of you to visit them in Sarasota -- think white sand beaches, lazy backyard pool hangs, oysters, and frosty pina coladas. It's incredible down there (!) and, more importantly, they are really HAPPY and in their element. And that's something you don't want to miss out on experiencing!

Thanks and lots of love,

Sara & Ryan